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Care Credit is our partner in patient financing and offers a number of plans to help patients achieve their goal of undergoing plastic surgery. Dr. Brian Kinney has worked with them for several years and has been very pleased with their programs.

It is customary to pay fees for the initial consultation when you first arrive at the office of Doctor Brian Kinney. Further charges may be payable for any minor surgical procedures, treatment or injetion you may have. Brian Kinney MD feels this practice actually helps lower your medical costs by better containing our overhead. Otherwise, if we were to bill our patients, our fees would then have to compensate for more bookkeeping, record keeping and a dedicated employee. In the practice of reconstructive surgery, the usual, normal procedure is to include at no cost to you any postoperative visits for a short time, often about three months. Likewise, the fees you pay for cosmetic procedures will include your after procedure visits for serveral months, too.

Of course, as a courtesy, Dr. Brian Kinney and his staff will help with insurance billing if your treatment or procedure is covered by a health insurance policy. However, please keep in mind the insurance policy is a contract between the patient and the company with a set of rules and regulations, over which we have no control. So, again, the patient is personally responsible for all incurred expenses even when the insurance company does not cover the procedure or visit. We’ve found sometimes health insurance companies can be difficult and are often set against reimbursing charges for most procedures performed by plastic and cosmetic surgeons, even if it seems like a reasonable charge related to health and not just cosmetic. In many cases, we have found that appealing for coverage by an insurance company often results in a stressful situation and preauthorization takes time. In any event, the struggle for coverage will certainly delay surgery for weeks or perhaps months.

In the event the surgery is authorized for coverage by an insurance company, the patient will still be required to arrange for payment of the charges before the procedure. A down payment is required to hold a date for surgery. The remainder of any payment due must be paid in full two weeks before any cosmetic procedures can be performed. Under some circumstances, a specific written agreement can be signed by you and the office manager for individual situations. We will be happy to work with you!